About Us

A team within PROCentrum International, a worldwide operating institute that only works for government agencies, developed the PROSpike police stinger between 2014 and 2016 in its own right. An incident in which a police officer was injured while using a “traditional” police stinger, formed the reason for specialists and developers to design an alternative police stingeR.

Development first PROSpike police stinger

An intensive period of drawing, developing and testing resulted in the PROSpike 1500 series in 2015: a mechanical police stinger that can be activated by means of a remote control. The 1500 series was introduced during the DSEI 2015 (Defence and Security Equipment International) and proved to be a great success. Representatives of government agencies and distributors from more than 42 countries witnessed live demonstrations of the innovative police stinger.


Field tests and evaluations by the end user(s) are closely monitored by our team of developers. Central to this monitoring process is how the PROSpike police stinger can be further improved. The system was developed to make apprehensions safer and more efficient. In 2016 this resulted in the fully software-driven 1600 series. This innovation meant a significant improvement in the ease of use and durability of the system, as the Central Processor Unit relieves the end user.

Worldwide network

In the meantime, PROSpike police stingers are sold in more than 20 countries through an extensive network of distributors and agents. Countries and government departments that use PROSpike police stinger include:

  •       United Kingdom: London Metropolitan Police
  •       Germany: state Schleswig-Holstein
  •       Australia: Northern Territories Police

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