Dutch Ministry of Defence purchases PROSpike series

Targeted procurement by Ministry of Defence for security and operational demands

The Dutch Ministry of Defence recently decided to purchase the PROSpike tyre deflator for security and operational demands in both domestic and global environment. Recently NATO awarded a contract to the PROSpike 1630 series based on the unique features of this software engineered system. Due to the light weight and the fact that the system operates independent from a external power supply, Dutch MOD will use the PROSpike mainly in setting up temporary checkpoints and as an extra mobile barrier at barracks and/or other area’s of military establishments.

Extensively tested in different conditions

Because the functionality of PROSpike tyre deflators must be guaranteed under the most severe conditions, we paid extensive attention during development to field tests, using different surfaces and vehicle types. Only by subjecting our PROSpike units to heavy practical tests, we were able to guarantee the reliability of the units during deployment on:

Because all PROSpike units are equipped with a remote control enabling the spike mat to be launched up to a distance of 100 meters, the operator retains maximum control over a potentially hazardous situation, without endangering himself.

Meanwhile, the first systems have been delivered to the Ministry of Defense. This is a scope for the MOD who are the first Ministry to have purchased this 100% Dutch innovative product. In the surrounding countries, PROSpike is already frequently used. For example, the SEK of Sleswig-Holstein has been using PROSpike tyre deflators for some time now in tactically ‘difficult’ arrests. The London police also remain positive about the use of PROSpike by the so-called Scorpion teams; thanks in part to the use of the PROSpike tyre deflation units, the number of robberies in London fell by no less than 65%.

If you want to learn more about PROSpike or if you are interested in a demonstration, please contact your local distibutor for an appointment.