Engineers discover PROSpike

Founded on the core mission of connecting likeminded engineers around the globe, Interesting Engineering is now a leading community with more than 9 million+ minds .

Every day they share a new idea, a new thought, an upcoming technology OR an engineering breakthrough that will change the way wethink about technology and engineering in today’s world and in the near future.

PRSpike is therefore particularly proud that it was precisely within this “community” that our stinger system was found to be sufficiently innovative to bring them to the attention of their followers. Interesting Engineering published a beautiful summary of what makes PROSpike unique. Do you want to see the video in their Twitter account? Then click here.

More and more internet media rate PROSpike as the new “must have” for law enforcement and military units. The You Tube channel “Chop Busters” recently published a top 10 of “Amazing Police & Military Inventions Every Country Should Have” and placed PROSpike in 4th place.