Road barrier concept introduced at crisis management forum Chiba city

Road barrier concept introduced In January 2019 our trusted partner Japan Cell was invited to give a lecture on road barrier concepts during a crisis management forum in Chiba city, Japan.  The event was organized to accelerate safety and security policies prospecting the World Cup Rugby Games in 2019 and Tokyo […]

Securitas Belgium chooses PROSpike as first line of defence

With the delivery of the 1630 model, Securitas Belgium opts for the efficiency and safety of PROSpike stingers. The PROSpike 1630 model has a standard length of 5.5 meters. With the remote control however it can be linked to a 2nd (or 3rd) unit hence making it possible to shut […]

CY Barrier introduces PROSpike to South Korea market

Last week our partner CY barrier introduced the latest PROSpike model at a CT convention in Seoul. CY Barrier and PROSpike will also be present at the K-Safety exhibition which will be held later this month in Seoul.

First ‘Hornet stinger pin’ awarded for positive deployment

Another scoop for the London Metropolitan Police! After being the first police department to introduce PROSpike stingers, MET Police now holds the record of being the first to actually and successfully deploy the PROSpike. Certificate and Hornet stinger pin awarded Earlier this year, London PC’s attempted to catch two suspects […]

First PROSpike units installed at Nuclear power plant Japan

The recent installation of four new PROSpike barriers at a Japanese Nuclear power site is yet another example of the diversity for which PROSpike units can be used. The units where tailor made for the Japanese markt and now meet with the local legislation for radio communication. The management purchased PROSpike […]

Police Vietnam orders 30 PROSpike units

After a heavy selection procedure The High Command of Mobile Police in Vietnam decided to award PROSpike the prestigious contract for delivery of 30 units. Compliments to our Vietnamese distributor for managing the entire tender process. We are very proud that the Vietnamese authorities selected  PROSpike as their preferred police […]

PROSpike deployed during NATO summit Brussels

With the the upcoming NATO summit in Brussels and the arrival of the President of the United States all police and security services are on high alert. Safe passage for international guests during summit To ensure a safe and undisturbed passage of the international guests, the Police Department Brussels Capital-Elsene […]

Schleswig-Holstein orders 28 PROSpike units

In 2017 the German police department of Schleswig Holstein started a pilot with PROSpike stingers. The first units were put into operation by special police forces who used them for covered operations and forced stops.  After a successful evaluation, the board of police purchased 28 PROSpike stingers for use by […]

PROSpike integrated in new barrier concept

CUSTOMIZED ROAD BARRIERS THAT BRIGHTENS UP THE CITY VIEW. The ever-increasing threat of terror in European inner cities is causing more and more disfiguring concrete obstacles in the inner cities. A prominent Belgian newspaper recently claimed that research proved that  standard concrete blocks can easily become suicide weapons. Now PROCentrum Equipment, together with […]

NATO awards 4 year contract for supply of 1630 model to PROSpike

We are very, very proud to announce that NATO recently awarded a four year contract to PROSpike. The NATO has selected the PROSpike 1630 model and will supply its allied forces with this unit to replace the traditional stingers. NSN numbers 4240-17-127-0850 (black) and NSN 4240-17-127-0851 (yellow) PROSpike 1630 model: unrivaled stinger system […]