Police Belgium purchases first PROSpike stingers, scoop for Police Department MIDOW

Following the example of English and German police forces, the Belgian police have now decided to purchase PROSpike stingers.

Scoop for MIDOW PD

For some time now, various Belgian police departments showed interest in the PROSpike police stingers.  Early 2018 the police department of MIDOW requested a non-committal demonstration  followed by a free trial period.  During the trial it soon became clear that using PROSpike stingers made an important contribution to a safe working environment. In contrast with traditional stingers, PROSpike stingers are activated at a safe distance.

Because PROSpike can also be used as a mobile barrier for large-scale events or for the safe ending of pursuits with fugitive suspects, PZ MIDOW decided, as first Belgian police department, to purchase the PROSpike 1630 unit.

Currently, all officers within the intervention unit are trained in the correct installation and operation of the PROSpike police stinger. The PROSpike will then be used during traffic control, police interventions and at events where a mobile barrier is required.

We are of course extremely proud of the fact that MIDOW police has chosen for PROSpike!

As a follow-up, various police departments also decided to purchase the PROSpike stinger  and several departments are currently considering the purchase of one or more units. With that it seems that PROspike has made its appearance in Belgian law enforcement!

Do you want to learn more about the applicability of PROSpike police stingers, or would you like a non-committal demonstration within your unit? Please contact one of our distributors to make an appointment. A free trial period is also possible.