PROSpike deployed during NATO summit Brussels

With the the upcoming NATO summit in Brussels and the arrival of the President of the United States all police and security services are on high alert.

Safe passage for international guests during summit

To ensure a safe and undisturbed passage of the international guests, the Police Department Brussels Capital-Elsene left nothing to chance. Several streets and sites involved in hosting the NATO summit are in a complete lockdown as of July 11th.

At the key entries the police is equipped with the state of the art 1630 PROSpike model to ensure that trespassers will be stopped quickly and efficiently without any riks for the operating police officer. Each remote controlled PROSpike unit covers a distance of 5,5 meters (18ft). The 1630 topmodel however has the ability to pair with other units thus increasing the reach with another 5,5 meters to an incredible 11 meters (36 ft).

PROSpike multi use concept

The deployment of PROSpike 1630 models during the NATO summit proves once again that the concept of remote controlled stinger systems is not restricted to situations where it’s used to end a police purchase. Alone or in combination with other road barrier concepts like the anti terror plant pots the PROSpike is usuable as first line of defence in perimeter security, protection of vital infrastructures, anti-terror measures, road blocks, or traffic control.

The German police department of Schlesswig-Holstein and the London Metropolitan Police already adapted the PROSpike unit to their standard equipment. After the NATO awarded PROSpike with a contract to supply the alied forces, the French army was the first to purchase the 1630 units to protect French bases.

For more information about the PROSpike systems, a non-committal demonstration or trial period at your department click here.

PROSpike is a 100% Dutch engineered stinger system accredited by TÜV Netherlands.