PROSpike police stinger

The PROSpike police stinger is a new and innovative vehicle-stop system that distinguishes itself from other police stingers with an unmatched  efficiency and safety for the endsers. The PROSpike police stinger is software engineered and can be activated by the use of a remote control thus ensuring the safetey of police officers, military personnel, and other endusers The police stinger applies to several working environments. It can be used for traffic control, border control, roadblocks or stopping fleeting suspects.

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Creating a safe working distance

The use of traditional police stingers involves great risks for  the operator. A British study from 2016 shows that 1 on every 6 police officers gets injured while deploying a traditional police stinger. Because these police stingers are manually operated, the operator will have to put himself  in direct proximity to the driving- or flight direction of the incoming vehicle. For this reason there’s always an eminent danger of being overrun by the vehicle. The PROSpike police stinger was developed from the idea that personal safety  should be brought to a higher level. Users must be able to safely prepare the police stinger and activate and control the system from a safe distance. The PROSpike police stinger is activated with a remote control that works up to a maximum distance of 100 meters, thus ensuring  a safe working distance and minimizing the risk of injury to the user.

A safe working environment is guaranteed

The heart of the PROSpike police stinger is represented by the Central Processor Unit (CPU) and an intelligent battery. The remote control communicates directly with the CPU and continuously provides the user with system status information: battery capacity, pressure and possible malfunctions are directly displayed on the LCD screen of the remote control. In addition, information on the LCD screen tells the user when the remote control is out of range. The service interval is monitored software-wise and displayed on the remote control’s LCD screen. 

A cover plate on the front of the PROSpike police stinger and a shielded main switch ensure a guaranteed safe working environment. The PROSpike is CE-certified by TüV Nederland QA and was designed to comply with all environmental and occupational guidelines. With a weight of only 22.5-23 kilograms, the PROSpike police stinger can be lifted by any user, in and out of a vehicle without the use of an additional lifting device.

Diversity during usage and emplyability

The PROSpike police stinger can be installed on most locations and underlayment, well before the target approaches the location. The central processor communicates with the remote control, but can also be linked to CCTV or ANPR systems by software. This unique feature also makes the PROSpike police stinger extremely suitable for preventive deployment in access roads or locations with strict admission requirements. Registered vehicles reach the road or location unimpeded, whilst unwanted vehicles automatically activate the PROSpike police stinger.


  • PS-1610Y / PS-1610B: Basic model. Fires 8 times before recharging. Fixed battery, only rechargeable using wall sockets. The remote control unit has no ‘smart’ technology. When lost or defect the user will have to order a new preprogrammed remote control. This is more expensive than the regular remotes that have smart technology and will install automatically.  The 1610 model  cannot be linked with other units to enlarge the range of a single unit.


  • PS-1620Y / PS1620B: Fires 8 times before recharging. Replaceable battery that can be recharged by using the standard car battery. The remote control uses smart technology. The 1620 model  cannot be linked with other units to enlarge the range of a single unit.


  • PS-1625Y / PS1625B: Like PS-1620 model but with ability to charge and fire (unlimited) while connected to a 110-220V power source. When used as stand-alone the unit will fire 8 times.


  • PS-1630Y / PS1630B: (NATO model) The replaceable battery fires 24 times before it needs to be recharged. Rechargeable from a standard car battery. 1630 model has the ability to pair with other units (1630 or up) thus increasing the reach of the spike strip from 5.5 to 11 meters with a single remote control. The remote control uses smart technology . The 1630 model has a GPS unit including time registration for capturing data  when the PROSpike is deployed.


  • PS-1635Y / PS1635B: Like PS-1630 but with ability to charge and fire (unlimited) while connected to a 110-220V power source. When used as stand-alone the unit will fire 24 times.

Hollow nails for a controlled deflation

A PROSpike police stinger has 96 hollow spikes attached to aluminium bars with a rubber cup. When a vehicle drives over the bars, the spikes will penetrate one or more tires and will be  pulled out of the cups. The spikes perforate the tires and will deflate them . depending on the type of vehicle and the vehicle speed, most tires run flat within 200 metres.

Extensive tests on the police training circuit in Lelystad (NL) showed that the PROSpike police stinger can be used safely and effectively on passenger cars, motorcycles and lorries.




No special maintenance

The PROSpike police stinger is frequently subjected to field tests, duration tests and drop tests. Based on these tests, a software based maintenance schedule was submitted. The remote control automatically warns the user when maintenance is required. On a daily basis, the PROSpike needs little maintenance: it suffices to remove mud and sand after use and then slightly lubricate the moving parts with oil or silicone spray.

*bron: BBC News 01/07/2016
** Tests indicate that the PROSpike works correctly on the surface of, for instance, dirt roads, gravel, cobble stones and bitumen.


The PROSpike police stinger is a product that safely eliminates dangerous road conditions. In addition, the system is excellent for use with (semi) permanent road closures at events, perimeter protection or critical infrastructure security. Do you have any questions? Would you like to order a police stinger or attend a demonstration?  Do not hesitate to contact us or download Specs ENG_prospike 2018