PROSpike police stinger

The PROSpike police stinger is a new and innovative vehicle-stop system that distinguishes itself from other police stingers with an unmatched  efficiency and safety for the enduser. The PROSpike police stinger is software engineered and can be activated by the use of a remote control thus ensuring the safetey of police officers, military personnel, and other endusers The police stinger applies to several working environments. It can be used for traffic control, border control, roadblocks or stopping fleeting suspects.

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Creating a safe working distance

The use of traditional police stingers comes with an increased risk for  the operator. A British study shows that 1 on every 6 police officers gets injured while deploying a traditional police stinger. Because these police stingers are manually operated, the operator needs to be in direct proximity to the driving- or flight direction of the incoming vehicle. This implicates eminent danger of being overrun by the vehicle. PROSpike police stingers are designed with personal safety  in mind. Users must be able to safely prepare the stinger and activate and control the system from a safe distance. The PROSpike police stinger is activated with a remote control that works up to a maximum distance of 100 meters, thus ensuring  a safe working distance and minimizing the risk of injury to the user.

A safe working environment is guaranteed

The heart of the PROSpike police stinger is represented by the Central Processor Unit (CPU) and an intelligent battery. The remote control communicates directly with the CPU and continuously provides the user with system status information: battery capacity, pressure and possible malfunctions are directly displayed on the LCD screen of the remote control. In addition, information on the LCD screen tells the user when the remote control is out of range. The service interval is monitored software-wise and displayed on the remote control’s LCD screen. 

A cover plate on the front of the PROSpike police stinger and a shielded main switch ensure a guaranteed safe working environment. The PROSpike is CE-certified by TüV Nederland QA and was designed to comply with all environmental and occupational guidelines. With a weight of only 24 kilograms, the PROSpike police stinger can be lifted by any user, in and out of a vehicle without the use of an additional lifting device.

Diversity during usage and employability

The PROSpike police stinger can be installed on most locations and underlayment, well before the target approaches the location. The central processor communicates with the remote control, but can also be linked to CCTV or ANPR systems by software. This unique feature also makes the PROSpike police stinger extremely suitable for preventive deployment in access roads or locations with strict admission requirements. Registered vehicles reach the road or location unimpeded, whilst unwanted vehicles automatically activate the PROSpike police stinger.


PS1625Y / PS1625B

The basic model from our 1600 series, but with all the advantages and safety of a computer-controlled, remote-controlled spike bed! The 1625 model has an internal battery that allows 8 deployments and retractions as a stand alone without recharging. The special software enables the 1625 model to be connected to a car battery or fixed power point for recharging while maintaining its deployment capacity.

The 1625 model is your model of choice if you are looking for an efficient police stinger to end police pursuits. Simply conceal the unit by placing it under a parked vehicle, take cover and use the remote control to activate the system when the suspect can no longer avoid the spike bed!

The ability to use the 1625 continuously makes this model also very suitable for access control where the PROSpike stinger must be closed again after each individual passage.

PS1630Y / PS1630B

In 2017, PROSpike won a prestigious NATO contract for automated vehicle stop sysetms with its 1630 model. The powerful internal battery provides enough energy to shoot and retract the spike bed 24 times as a stand alone. Charging is possible through the car battery or via a fixed power point. After 30 minutes of recharging, the system is ready for deployment again. In addition, there is the possibility to replace the battery on site to guarantee the continuity of the operation.

The remote control of the 1630 model can control several units simultaneously. This makes the 1630 very suitable for use in those situations where you want to close multiple lanes on a motorway or dual carriageway. Furthermore a build in GPS module carefully records location, date and time of use.

The 1630 model is registered under the following NSN numbers:              4240-17-127-0850 (black) | 4240-17-127-0851 (yellow)

PS1635Y / PS1635B

Those who purchase the 1635 model opt for the NATO 1630 model but with a valuable extra. The special software enables the unit unlimited deployments while connected to a car battery or fixed power point. This makes the 1635 ideally suited for access control where the PROSpike stinger must be closed again after each individual passage.

As with the 1630 model, the remote control can control multiple units simultaneously. This means that the 1635 can be used for check points or access points where it is preferable to close multiple lanes. Similar to the 1630 model the 1635 comes with a build in GPS that carefully records location, date and time of deployment.

Hollow spikes for a controlled deflation

The PROSpike police stinger comes either with 96 triangular shaped zinc spikes or 249 hollow pointed stainless steel spikes. The spikes are attached to an aluminium bed with a rubber cup. When a vehicle drives over the bed, one or multiple spikes will penetrate the tires. The spike punctures the tire resulting in instand deflation. Depending on the type of vehicle and the vehicle speed, most tires run flat within 200 metres.

The spikes developed by PROSpike are safe to use but are also very efficient. This is especially true for our newly developed stainless steel hollow spike. A chief inspector of a leading UK police force who witnessed the first tests referred to the efficiency of this new spike by calling it a ‘spike on steroids’. By increasing the number of spikes placed in the bed, we ensure that each tire collects multiple hits when driving over the bed. This ensures that each tires deflates within seconds. To continue driving after being stung is  virtually impossible. The truck test shows that even when driving at low speed, the tire will run off the rim within seconds.

PROSpike police stingers are used worldwide under the most extreme conditions. Because users depend on reliability of our stingers we test our devices continuously. We immerse the PROSpike in water and test the spike bed on dirt roads.

No special maintenance required

The PROSpike police stinger is frequently subjected to field tests, duration tests and drop tests. Based on these tests, a software based maintenance schedule was submitted. The remote control automatically warns the user when maintenance is required. On a daily basis, the PROSpike needs little maintenance: it suffices to remove mud and sand after use and then slightly lubricate the moving parts with oil or silicone spray.

*source: BBC News 01/07/2016
** Tests indicate that the PROSpike works efficiently on f.e , dirt roads, gravel, cobble stones and tarmac.

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With PROSpike police stingers your department will be able to safely end pursuits and efficiently set up check points or carry out border patrol. Additionally, the system is perfect to use in combination with (semi) permanent road barriers for events, perimeter protection or critical infrastructure security. For more information contact us or download Specs ENG_prospike 2018