Schleswig-Holstein orders 28 PROSpike units

In 2017 the German police department of Schleswig Holstein started a pilot with PROSpike stingers. The first units were put into operation by special police forces who used them for covered operations and forced stops.  After a successful evaluation, the board of police purchased 28 PROSpike stingers for use by regular police units and for static situations such as perimeter security as well. To ensure that the units can be used under the most diverse conditions the department opted for the 1630 model. With this Schleswig Holstein has access to a unit that is provided with a powerful, replaceable accu that provides the compressor with sufficient power for 24 cycles. Because the smart key remote control is able to drive multiple units simultaneously, this model is ideally suited for bigger checkpoints where the police stinger should be able to close multiple lanes. The GPS unit carefully registers the location, the date, and the time of usage. These data can be used as additional evidence for the police report.

In April the Minister for the Interior of Schlesswig Holstein, mr. Minister Hans-Joachim Grote (CDU) visited the police department and witnessed that both SF units and first responders are well prepared to encounter terrorism. ee how several units prepared for a tMeanwhile all units are delivered and will be distributed to the end users soon.

Loading systems for patrol cars

A sophisticated loading system for equipment was integrated in every patrol car to stock the new materials. Furthermore each police department in Schleswig-Holstein receives an equipment trailer for setting up checkpoints. Altogether there are 14 Trailer purchased.

The equipment includes two PROSpike police stingers which, In a matter of seconds, launch a several meters long rail with aluminium spikes. Cars that hit these spikes will have multiple flat tyres within 100 to 200 meters distance.

Looking at possible terrorist attacks, Thiede said, “No one wishes such a deployment situation – nevertheless: The state police is in the best way prepared. The citizens can rely on that*. ”

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